Project update – website, constitution and meeting in September

Simon and I met yesterday 23rd of August, 2017  in Portsmouth and discussed about the  project as he is going to Ethiopia for a holiday – this is going to be his third trip. On his way, Simon is planning to meet our local project leader, Molla Chebud, in Bahirdar.

In our meeting yesterday, we talked about our progress:

  • Drafted a legal document: Using an existing template for new non-registered charities operating in the UK, we drafted a constitution which sets out our name, powers, objectives, membership criteria, leadership and financial management. We crafted our vision as e3 equip, educate, empower.

The constitution will help us to open a bank account and operate under UK laws. It was proof-read by project members  and  we will call a meeting to approve this document.

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Simon got the electronic sponsorship forms to work on the website so that people who are interested to support us can easily get in touch with project leaders. The website is professionally designed in terms of its layout and readability. Underneath it has embedded links to the blog, Twitter and the PayPal donation link.

  • Planned a meeting – We are also planning a face to face meeting with members and supporters of the project on September 23rd 2017 (venue Garage Lounge,  Albert Road, Portsmouth). Please send us your comments and join us.